Gina Chavez

Gina Chavez is a 2020 Latin Grammy nominee for her first all-Spanish language album,
La Que Manda. From features on NPR’s Tiny Desk to Brené Brown’s podast to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, this queer, bilingual, genre-bending musician has become a force to be reckoned with. 

Gina’s music is deeply personal. Her passionate collection of bilingual songs traversing cumbia, rumba, and soul take audiences on a journey to discover her Latin roots through music as she shares her story of life in Texas as a married, queer Catholic. 

Gina tours internationally as a cultural ambassador with the U.S. State Department and runs Niñas Arriba, a college fund she co-founded with her wife for young women in gang-dominated El Salvador. 

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Rep. Hank Johnson


Rep. Hank Johnson is a longtime voice for defending the rights of Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities in the Americas. 

He led efforts to protect workers ahead of the 2011 U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, calling attention to how the agreement fell short in espousing specific protections for Afro-Colombian labor activists, who face persecution and death for defending unions. He played an important role in supporting the Colombian peace process, helping to ensure that the Ethnic Chapter on the rights of Afro-Colombian and Indigenous peoples was included in the final agreement. Since that time, he has led urgent campaigns to protect the lives of social leaders from these communities. Today, he is one of the most vocal leaders in Congress demanding that the Colombian government cease its brutal repression against protests, and calling for the United States to halt security assistance until the Colombian government ends this repression and holds those responsible accountable. 

Now in his eighth term in Congress, he is a senior member and subcommittee chair on the House Judiciary Committee where he is leading the fight for voting rights and for U.S. legislation to change what he has called “the warrior culture of policing” in America. 

Rep. Jim McGovern


Rep. Jim McGovern is a longtime advocate for making human rights, rule of law, and good governance the center of U.S. policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean. 

McGovern’s career in public service has had a strong focus on defending peace and supporting the rights of victims of human rights abuses to truth and justice. In the 1980s, as a congressional staff member, he helped lead investigations into the murder of six Jesuit priests, a domestic worker, and her daughter by the U.S.-backed Salvadoran military during El Salvador’s civil war. The investigation led to a turning point in the conflict, providing impetus for peace talks. More recently, he is one of the most forceful defenders in the U.S. Congress of Colombia’s historic 2016 peace deal, urging the Colombian government to invest the resources and political support necessary to fulfill the promise of the accords. 

McGovern has an extraordinary track record in seeking accountability for corruption and human rights abuses in the Americas. In addition to supporting the creation of a national commission dedicated to searching for El Salvador’s disappeared, he authored the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act, which allows the U.S. government to sanction foreign officials engaged in corruption or human rights abuses. 

He is chair of the powerful House Rules Committee and co-chair of the bipartisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission.  He is the 2007 recipient of the WOLA Human Rights Award.

Felipe Estefan
Investment Director, Luminate


Felipe leads Luminate’s efforts in Latin America, managing grants and investments focused on advancing civic empowerment, independent media, data and digital rights, and financial transparency in the region. 

Previously, as an open government strategist at the World Bank, Felipe travelled to more than 40 countries around the world, advocating for and advancing efforts to make governments more open and to foster collaboration between state and non-state organisations. 

Prior to this, Felipe was a founding member of the Open Contracting Partnership, a planning producer at CNN’s Washington bureau, and was part of the Permanent Mission of Colombia to the United Nations in Switzerland.